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For many, the idea of their air conditioning shutting down on them can be a nightmare. Many people have become so attached to their air conditioning that they cannot deal or love without it.

That in of itself is very dangerous as air conditioning has many adverse side effects on a person overall health – but that is a topic for another article. However, if you are someone who has had their air conditioning shut down and are in need of air conditioning repair – fret not because you will learn how to do that in this article.

Why pay for a maintenance specialist when you can do it yourself? 

6 Steps DIY Tutorial On Repairing An Air Conditioning System For Your Home

Step 1: Switch The Power Off

This may be a self-explanatory step, but it is essential nonetheless. Turn the power off so that when you deal with the electrical aspect of repair the air conditioning, you will not be shocked or electrocuted. (Maybe one of the most obvious but it needs to be stated nonetheless).

Step 2: Clean the Condenser Fan and Oil the Fan Motor

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The condenser fan will most like need cleaning. It can cost you upward to $700 to get this cleaned. That is a lot, we know. But what you want to do is remove the rill fo the air conditioning system and then lubricate the condenser with motor oil. That should be more than adequate in cleaning the condenser.

Step 3: Clean the Condenser Coils and Fins

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You want to clean the condenser coil with a garden hose. Before you do this, however, remove the coil guard so that there will not be too much water soaked in the system.

Step 4: Recycle the Refrigerant

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For this particular step, you may want to hire a professional as when you remove the refrigerant you NEED to make sure that you aren’t releasing any gases in the atmosphere that could prove harmful to you later on.

Step 5: Service the Filter

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Failure to clean your filter could lead to bacteria and fungi. This step is one of the primary reasons many people get sick from AC and why it is essential to use your AC sparingly. You can either clean the filter with non-abrasive soap, or you can only purchase a new filter. Whatever you decide it is important to remember to keep your filter clean, as well as the whole AC itself.

Step 6: Service the Ducts

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Lastly, you will clean the ducts with a vacuum cleaner to such out the dirt that will accumulate over time.

Cleaning Is Important For Air Conditioning Performance

As you will notice from this article the best way to repair and keep your AC at maximum efficiency is to maintain the cleanliness of the AC. This is especially important for those who like to use it a great deal of the day. Keep that in mind.

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If you are someone who is into the whole DIY – in regards to lawn service and lawn care – and are looking for a few ways to which you can improve your lawn then sit tight because this is the article for you.

Being able to improve your lawn and take your lawn care skills to the next level can be a satisfying feeling, and we are confident that if you follow these easy tips, then you will be able to really take your lawn’s care to the next level. Say goodbye to lawn care Suwanee services and say hello to your new green thumb.

Lawn care has never been easier then it will be after you read this article.

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Lawn Care Overnight

# 1 – Aerate The Soil

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This is incredibly important for your lawn; aeration. By aerating the soil, you allow for more air circulation to be spread through the soil. The soil needs as much air as possible so that the nutrients that it gets can better be distributed.

The more the nutrients are distributed and the easier it is to be absorbed will drastically improve the overall quality of your lawn. The grass will surely be greener on your side of the fence because of the massive amount of nutrient the soil will be taking in.

# 2 – Use Natural Fertilizer

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There are many adverse effects of using fertilizers that are manufactured. So many that they could form a list in of themselves. But if you are going to use fertilizers, it is highly recommended that you use fertilizers that are all natural.

Not only will it provide more nutrients but it will also keep the lawn healthy for a long time; as opposed to manufactured fertilizer.

# 3 – Cut Grass Evenly

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It is essential that when you mow the lawn that you set it at a height that will be able to match the entirety of the yard evenly. Having one place mowed very low whereas another place is a bit higher will really affect the way the yard looks.

# 4 – Compost Kitchen Waste

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By turning all the garbage waste you have into compost you can use that on your lawn. As we mentioned with the fertilizer, you want to use all natural products for your lawn.

# 5 – Use Natural Herbicide

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Corn gluten meal is the most common natural herbicide that many people have started to take a fancy to. This is a great way to keep weeds at a distance and combat those deadly plants from destroying your yard.

# 6 – Use Mycorrhizal Fungi For Soil

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Get to the root of the problem by using Mycorrhizal Fungi. This fungus is excellent for developing strong roots for your lawn and the stronger the roots, the better and stronger the lawn will be. To not beat the horse too much but using all natural products on your lawn will take your lawn care to the next level.


Planning a successful summer party is no rocket science. But still there are a couple of things that if you ignore, be it purposefully or not, can make everything come falling on you. So, in as much as you will be looking to have some ‘out of this world crazy fun’ thanks to your party rentals Toronto, don’t let everything run south by ignoring anything that might come and bite back.

Ensure that you look into anything that might cause your anticipated summer party or corporate event to not go as planned. Here are some common missteps that most party holders are known to make and end up haunting them for some time. Maybe even get them in trouble with law enforcement.

1. Thinking out of sight neighbors are out of mind neighbors

Even if you don’t always get to interact with your neighbors, simply inviting them over shows a friendly gesture. They don’t necessarily have to show for you to know that you are on their good graces. But by simply inviting them over to your party, you may also be keeping trouble at bay.

Think of it this way, it’s like you’re actually warning them of a party coming soon without actually warning them. That should make sense.

2. Host a game of musical chairs

Not everyone who attends your party will be okay standing for all the time the party will be going on. Ensure that there are at least a couple of seats available for your guests to rest their legs especially if the party runs for hours on end.

3. Leaving extension cords recklessly on the floor

You don’t want your guests to end up tripping over that extension cord that you didn’t carefully set aside. Placing extension cords in high-traffic areas is sure to call for accidental trips and other problems brewing. Come up with a wonderful but unique summer party ideas of delaing with your cords.

4. Running out of drinks and food

Nothing is as bad and embarrassing as inviting all kinds of friends and their friends over to a summer party only to end up with less food or drinks. Like basically everyone will be looking at the party thrower, you, for a plan. At that point, things will have already started going south with most of your guests. Ensure that you are specially prepared in this sector.

5. Forcing your guests to have to sit to eat

There’s no reason to prepare foods that will require your guests to have to sit to eat. Especially if you don’t have enough seats for all the guests. You can take care of this by only serving the meals that will require your guests to use only forks only. You don’t want some of your guests to start fiddling with utensils while standing.

6. Not timing your grilling right

Ensure that you are ahead of any situations that may require you to use your grill. Preheat the grill like 10-15 minutes before you start using it, and not any sooner. Not unless you’re looking to waste gas and have grilled meals ‘weirdly’ cooked.

7. Serving too much booze

If you will be serving booze at the party, then you have to be extra careful about who drinks. Serve lighter drinks which you can spike with little amounts of booze especially on a hot day. Otherwise, you may end up having questions to answer should some drunk from your party cause disturbance.

8. Leaving out food for too long

Ensure that the perishable foods don’t stay outside the fridge for more than a few hours. You can also bring food outside in small batches to avoid them spoiling.

9. Forgetting to cater for the trash

There’s going to be a lot of trash especially if your party is packed with guests. Ensure that this is catered for as well. Have at least one large trash bag for every 10 people.

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Toronto condos are some of the most beautiful places you can choose to live in; assuming you have the money. However for those who do have the money to live in a condo then they will be elated at some of the amenities they will receive while living there.

10 Fantastic Condo Amenities That Makes For a Luxurious Living

# 1 – Open – Floor Plan

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An apartment is quite often just a one-floor residence, but a condo can offer more than one floors, and you can very well have your outdoor pool and jacuzzi. Sweet!!

# 2 – Technology

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This probably goes without saying, but a condo will have the latest and the best in technology. From interactive bathroom mirrors to the most recent in bedroom accessories.

# 3 – Fully Stocked Kitchen

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There is nothing quite like having a fully stocked kitchen with all your favorite foods and delicacies. You will wonder why you will ever have to leave your condo.

# 4 – Outdoor Pool

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As we mentioned in the first entry – having an outdoor pool and jacuzzi can make the condo stand out, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons people opt out for living in a condo; along with the beautiful skyline and scenery.

# 5 – Location

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Location. Location. Location. Condos are situated in some of the best locations imaginable. It can save so much time to have your condo that is only ten to fifteen minutes away from the financial district. Never has gone to work been much more comfortable and less time-consuming.

# 6 – Game and Theatre Room

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What type of condo would it be without having a game and theatre room? Well, a rather dull condo.

# 7 – Spa Bathroom

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Having a spa in your bathroom can make the whole going out to get a massage less desirable. HAving you very own steam room and the masseuse is a luxury that very few people can ever experience.

# 8 – Exercise Room

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No need to join a gym membership because with a condo there is always a gym available to the residence. And you can rest your mind at ease knowing that if you visit the gym, you will get the best of strength training available.

# 9 – Bedroom Fit For a King and Queen

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Your condo will very much be like your castle and what another way to represent this then to rest in a bedroom fit for a king or queen?

# 10 – Dressing Room

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Maybe more for the ladies than the men but having a dressing room that you can try on your many different outfits can make going shopping seem drab in comparison.

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They say a man’s home is his castle, and well with these fantastic backyard designs, a man’s land will be his kingdom. If you are looking to have a stellar looking backyard and are in need of a few ideas of what can better accentuate your home’s look and atmosphere, then this may very well be the list for you.

Here are ten fantastic landscaping Mississauga backyard designs that will make being outdoors after a hard day at work much more relaxing than staying inside on your lovely sofa.

10 Fantastic Landscape Designs For Your Backyard

# 1 – Cozy Daybed

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Truly this is an outdoor furniture fit for royalty. Looking very much like something from ancient Rome or ancient Greece – deck out your backyard in this fantastic royal aesthetic.

# 2 – English Garden

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England has quite the reputation for being a place of wit and sophistication, and although you may not be able to go to the United Kingdom, you may very well be able to bring a bit of the United Kingdom to your backyard with this stunning design.

# 3 – Stone Fountains

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Stone fountains are an excellent sign for the individuals who want to have some fish in the backyard or want to have a scenic and more historical look.

# 4 – Garden Shed

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Would it be a backyard without having a garden shed? Having a garden shed can be an excellent place for the man of the house to build and create something unusual for his little champion.

# 5 – Tree House

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Piggybacking off of the last entry having a treehouse in the backyard for the young boys can be an excellent design for your backyard. Not only will it give the kids a place to go when you want them out of the sue – hey we all need a bit of rest once in a while – but it will be a place where fond memories will be stored and captured.

# 6 – Outdoor Shower

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Having an outdoor shower can feel refreshing. Being outdoors and having the wind naturally dry you after an all natural shower can indeed be exciting. Just remember to build a wall to hide you from your neighbors.

# 7 – Fire Bowl

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Imagine the night and having a fire bowl set out in the backyard where you can roast smores, sit back and relax on your chairs, and talk about the good times. That sounds so relaxing.

# 8 – Outdoor Kitchen

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Another indoor room that is outside. Cooking outside is a fantastic feeling and even better having an outdoor kitchen looks fantastic.

# 9 – Roaring Hearth

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Much like the fire bowl having a hearth can be so relaxing. Looking into the fire on a beautiful night after a sophisticated party drinking wine and chatting about life is such a great way to finish that evening.

# 10 – Garden Fountain

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A green fountain can give you a place to relax and slow down in life. Having a garden is a great way to lower stress.

No matter whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, Canadian winters often feel way too long for comfort. The good news is that spring is just around the corner, and you no longer need to seek solace in HGTV marathons alone. You can set your mind to some DIY projects of your own in a few short weeks. Dream big, DIY roofer!

Remember, despite how easy the professionals make it look, roofing can be a dangerous job and occasionally requires the assistance of roofing Toronto contractors. If your project becomes too grandiose to handle alone, don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofer with the tools and expertise to help you make your home look its best.

1. Re-Shingling

While re-shingling certainly isn’t a simple project, or one for the faint of heart, those with know-how and manual labour experience can give their home a facelift with the help of colourful new shingles. The appearance of a house changes dramatically depending on the type of shingles laid down.

Slate is durable and solid. Concrete can withstand even the wildest weather conditions. Wood shake is stylish and environmentally friendly. However, most of these materials are extremely heavy and some can run a bit on the expensive side. Depending on what type of home you have and what material you choose, you may need the help of a roofer—especially when it comes to the heavy lifting.

2. Backyard Sheds

If you’d prefer to leave roofing to the specialists or you’re just not quite prepared to join the big leagues yet, you can start small with a DIY shed project—no roofing contractors required. Installing roof shingles for a smaller structure isn’t as difficult as re-shingling an entire house.

You don’t need to be a professional roofer to make a cozy little space outside in the yard for yourself or your family to escape to. Whether you have a small tool shed all your own or you’re hoping to surprise the kids with a newly remodelled lean-to for their bikes, you can be sure that a backyard shed project will be fun and easy to complete in a few afternoons at most.

3. The White Roof Project

This New York City-based project started in 2010 with only a few volunteers dedicated to an innovative new idea: reducing interior cooling costs by painting the roofs of buildings white. Traditional roofing material unintentionally transfers sunlight into heat, making your home unnaturally hot.

The coating used to “paint” the roofs white isn’t actually paint, but a paint-like substance that volunteers all over North America have used to coat the roofs of homes and buildings. According to the White Roof Project’s website, coating your roof in white “reflects the sunlight, drastically reducing its temperature and that of the building’s interior and surrounding environment.” Environmentally conscious and easy to do—this is a project that will make everyone in your home happy.

4. Porches and Pergolas

If you know how to install shingles, you don’t need to climb up on a ladder and get to work. You can start smaller, and add some character to the exterior of your home by dressing up your porch with shingles or re-shingling a pergola or gazebo in your yard. Cedar shingles are becoming increasingly popular for this type of project.

Is your porch looking a little drab? Sturdy railings and classic lattice work can spruce up its appearance in no time. If you’re unsure how to go about making your porch look as good as new, contact your local roofing contractors for advice.

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