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DIY Tips

The 10 Most Efficient Ways of Avoiding Drain Clog

As a house owner, there is nothing you may dread more than a drainage clog. And while you may be able to stop some clogs from turning into big problems and possible drain repair, you may miss some. Such scenarios will require you to call your local plumber or plumbing company. This article guides you on ten tips and tricks you can use to reduce and possibly prevent entirely any future drainage clogs in your home.


Top Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your AC Replaced

You may not be thinking about it now, but sooner or later, there is nothing that you will want to do more than have your old and rusty air conditioning repair and replacement services done, for a newer and better version. The hot summer seasons are especially the times when you use your AC the most, and if yours is old and rusty, then there is no telling when it might break down completely and fail to start. And you do not want to have an AC that is not working in the hot summer period.


Have a Successful Roof Spring Cleaning with these 5 Tricks

It is always a good idea that you do some serious roof cleaning immediately after a harsh winter has gone by. There are two reasons why you always need to clean your roof twice every year. The first one is that roof cleaning will keep the roof and the eavestrough Ottawa from getting damaged by algae and mold. The second is that your roof will maintain some beautiful appearance after every cleaning process you do to it. Roof cleaning will also keep it functional for a longer period, which will save you a lot of money. It is standard that you change your roof every 20 to 25 years.