5 Signs of a Professional Locksmith


The locks on doors are our gateway to our homes. Broken locks and stolen/lost keys are potential dangers that can have us locked out of our home. Whether it’s a broken key or a clogged door lock, a locksmith Toronto at Lock-up Services Inc is the only person who can rescue us from such situations.

You don’t need to call in Optimus Prime on this mission!

Since door locks usually require emergency services, a reliable locksmith is extremely important. However, during emergency situations, or when they are locked out of home, people are more likely to call the first locksmith they find, instead of looking for the best. This can often result in locksmith scams and frauds.

A true professional locksmith isn’t hard to find, if you know what to look for. Here are five signs of a professional locksmith.


The hallmark of a professional locksmith is timeliness. How quickly does he respond to your call? How long does he take to complete the job? All these questions can help you determine the timeliness of a locksmith. Whenever someone needs help with a lock, it is a situation that needs to be addressed quickly. For instance, if you get locked out of your home at midnight, and the locksmith tells you he can’t come until morning, it is definitely not the sign of professionalism.

They apparently don’t care about your situation!

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Neat service

Repairing or installing a door lock often involves a certain bit of disruption to the door and wall. A professional locksmith will make sure this disruption is minimal, and that other parts of the house aren’t affected by the work.

This includes preventing damage to the lock itself. When a locksmith is not professional, he will not care about damage to other parts of your home while doing the work. A professional locksmith will warn you if there are chances of damage, based upon which you can decide to proceed. Even when damage is unavoidable, it should be only to the lock itself and not any other part of the door or house.

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Years in business

Only a professional locksmith providing the highest quality of services will survive for the longest number of years. When hiring a locksmith, look for the number of years the business has been around. A new business is hard to trust, because they haven’t been around long enough to gain experience. A locksmith who has been in business for over ten years is a trusted professional.

But this does not mean you should not neglect someone who has been on the job for about two years. Their fees could be lower.

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A locksmith offering professional services will provide at least a year’s warranty on parts and service. From installing locks to making new keys, every service should come with a warranty. If the locksmith does not provide warranty on the parts and the service, then look for better options.

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Competitive pricing

A locksmith who is a true professional knows what a sustainable business model is. Therefore, he offers competitive pricing which is affordable but not unbelievable. Rock bottom prices and unrealistic discounts are only offered by fraudulent businesses. Professionals will offer prices that are affordable for customers and sustainable for the business.

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Professional Toronto locksmiths aren’t difficult to find. Keep these tips handy so that you make the best choice even in times of an emergency.


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