4 Steps to Take When You Have Trouble Getting a New Mortgage


With the high cost of real estate in many markets, paying the entire cost of a new home with cash is not feasible for many buyers. Applying for a home loan through a mortgage broker or lender is usually a necessity if you want to own a home. While many buyers can navigate through the mortgage financing process with ease, others find it difficult to get approved for financing for different reasons. If you can relate to this, there are a few steps that you can take to potentially get the mortgage financing that you need.

1. Understand Your Challenges

While each loan request is unique, there are a few common reasons why mortgage loan requests are denied. When you understand the specific reasons why your loan request has been turned down, you may be able to strategically move past this situation. For example, if your debt-to-income ratio is too high, you could pay down some debts or even try to buy a smaller and more affordable home.

2. Improve Your Credit Scores

Credit scores can affect the interest rate on a home loan, and this can create a higher mortgage payment. In some cases, your credit scores are too low to qualify for mortgage financing. In other cases, the higher monthly payment generated by the interest rate is too expensive for you to qualify for a mortgage. If you take a step back and work on improving your credit scores for a few months, you may be able to step forward once again when you have a better credit rating.

3. Get a Co-Borrower

Another reason why you may get turned down for a mortgage is because of your income level. If your income level is rather weak for the house you want to buy, you can always look for a more affordable home. An alternative is to find a co-borrower, such as a relative with strong financials. For those of you interested, Street Capital has more information available on their website.

4. Turn to the Right Lender

These tips can often produce great results and may help you to get into a new home within the next few months or less in some cases. However, you may also consider reaching out to high risk mortgage lenders. These are lenders who specialize in a bad credit mortgage refinance or purchase loan. They may charge a higher interest rate, but they often can approve a loan request if you have bad credit scores or other factors working against you.

Owning a home of your own can seem like a dream come true. However, obtaining financing for your purchase could be challenging for some applicants. If you are struggling to get approved for a mortgage, focus on these tips to overcome the situation that you are facing.


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