About Us

Real estate is one of the most complicated topics people talk about – and yet, you may seem to walk into a conversation about the housing market at every office get-together and dinner party. That’s why we are here. The Monarch Program is an advice and commentary blog that follows the latest trends in the housing market and gives practical advice on your place in the real estate market. Thinking of selling your house or moving from your apartment? Don’t stress out, we have some tips and tricks for that. Looking for the best kinds of home services but don’t know where to turn? We have some advice and resources that will help you out.

At the Monarch Program, we believe that no real estate problem can’t be solved without a little bit of brains and some elbow grease. We have writers who do the research and stay on the forefront of real estate news and help you to make sense of the confusing market flows so that you can make the most of your home-moving experience. Don’t fall behind, get with the program – the Monarch Program.