Nine Unexpected Mistakes I Made When Planning My First Summer Party


Planning a successful summer party is no rocket science. But still there are a couple of things that if you ignore, be it purposefully or not, can make everything come falling on you. So, in as much as you will be looking to have some ‘out of this world crazy fun’ thanks to your party rentals Toronto, don’t let everything run south by ignoring anything that might come and bite back.

Ensure that you look into anything that might cause your anticipated summer party or corporate event to not go as planned. Here are some common missteps that most party holders are known to make and end up haunting them for some time. Maybe even get them in trouble with law enforcement.

1. Thinking out of sight neighbors are out of mind neighbors

Even if you don’t always get to interact with your neighbors, simply inviting them over shows a friendly gesture. They don’t necessarily have to show for you to know that you are on their good graces. But by simply inviting them over to your party, you may also be keeping trouble at bay.

Think of it this way, it’s like you’re actually warning them of a party coming soon without actually warning them. That should make sense.

2. Host a game of musical chairs

Not everyone who attends your party will be okay standing for all the time the party will be going on. Ensure that there are at least a couple of seats available for your guests to rest their legs especially if the party runs for hours on end.

3. Leaving extension cords recklessly on the floor

You don’t want your guests to end up tripping over that extension cord that you didn’t carefully set aside. Placing extension cords in high-traffic areas is sure to call for accidental trips and other problems brewing. Come up with a wonderful but unique summer party ideas of delaing with your cords.

4. Running out of drinks and food

Nothing is as bad and embarrassing as inviting all kinds of friends and their friends over to a summer party only to end up with less food or drinks. Like basically everyone will be looking at the party thrower, you, for a plan. At that point, things will have already started going south with most of your guests. Ensure that you are specially prepared in this sector.

5. Forcing your guests to have to sit to eat

There’s no reason to prepare foods that will require your guests to have to sit to eat. Especially if you don’t have enough seats for all the guests. You can take care of this by only serving the meals that will require your guests to use only forks only. You don’t want some of your guests to start fiddling with utensils while standing.

6. Not timing your grilling right

Ensure that you are ahead of any situations that may require you to use your grill. Preheat the grill like 10-15 minutes before you start using it, and not any sooner. Not unless you’re looking to waste gas and have grilled meals ‘weirdly’ cooked.

7. Serving too much booze

If you will be serving booze at the party, then you have to be extra careful about who drinks. Serve lighter drinks which you can spike with little amounts of booze especially on a hot day. Otherwise, you may end up having questions to answer should some drunk from your party cause disturbance.

8. Leaving out food for too long

Ensure that the perishable foods don’t stay outside the fridge for more than a few hours. You can also bring food outside in small batches to avoid them spoiling.

9. Forgetting to cater for the trash

There’s going to be a lot of trash especially if your party is packed with guests. Ensure that this is catered for as well. Have at least one large trash bag for every 10 people.


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