10 Amazing Condo Amenities That Makes For a Luxurious Living


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Toronto condos are some of the most beautiful places you can choose to live in; assuming you have the money. However for those who do have the money to live in a condo then they will be elated at some of the amenities they will receive while living there.

10 Fantastic Condo Amenities That Makes For a Luxurious Living

# 1 – Open – Floor Plan

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An apartment is quite often just a one-floor residence, but a condo can offer more than one floors, and you can very well have your outdoor pool and jacuzzi. Sweet!!

# 2 – Technology

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This probably goes without saying, but a condo will have the latest and the best in technology. From interactive bathroom mirrors to the most recent in bedroom accessories.

# 3 – Fully Stocked Kitchen

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There is nothing quite like having a fully stocked kitchen with all your favorite foods and delicacies. You will wonder why you will ever have to leave your condo.

# 4 – Outdoor Pool

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As we mentioned in the first entry – having an outdoor pool and jacuzzi can make the condo stand out, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons people opt out for living in a condo; along with the beautiful skyline and scenery.

# 5 – Location

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Location. Location. Location. Condos are situated in some of the best locations imaginable. It can save so much time to have your condo that is only ten to fifteen minutes away from the financial district. Never has gone to work been much more comfortable and less time-consuming.

# 6 – Game and Theatre Room

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What type of condo would it be without having a game and theatre room? Well, a rather dull condo.

# 7 – Spa Bathroom

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Having a spa in your bathroom can make the whole going out to get a massage less desirable. HAving you very own steam room and the masseuse is a luxury that very few people can ever experience.

# 8 – Exercise Room

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No need to join a gym membership because with a condo there is always a gym available to the residence. And you can rest your mind at ease knowing that if you visit the gym, you will get the best of strength training available.

# 9 – Bedroom Fit For a King and Queen

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Your condo will very much be like your castle and what another way to represent this then to rest in a bedroom fit for a king or queen?

# 10 – Dressing Room

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Maybe more for the ladies than the men but having a dressing room that you can try on your many different outfits can make going shopping seem drab in comparison.


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