Four Reasons to Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance Service Today


Many homeowners only call their local heating company when their furnace breaks down and requires repair work. However, furnace repair service is not the only reason to schedule assistance from your heating company. Annual maintenance is recommended on all types of furnaces. When you schedule maintenance on your furnace today and regularly each year going forward, you may enjoy these important benefits.




1. Decreased Need for Repair Work
Furnace repair service can be expensive in some cases, and the reality is that many types of repairs can be reduced or eliminated. Through annual maintenance service for furnaces, technicians will clean and service the entire system. Any repair issues will be identified and remedied before they become serious issues. Because the system is thoroughly cleaned, it will operate more efficiently. This also reduces unnecessary wear and tear. While there is a cost for maintenance service, the savings on unnecessary or preventable repair work can potentially outweigh the maintenance cost.




2. Improved Energy Efficiency
When a furnace is dirty and not properly maintained, it will not operate as efficiently as it otherwise would. It may have to turn off and on more frequently, or it may run for longer periods during each cycle. This means that it will use more energy to heat your home. When you service your system regularly, you may notice that energy consumption drops. In this way, maintenance service can help you to save money throughout the winter.




3. Enhanced Longevity
Furnaces that are poorly maintained and that do not work efficiently may have a reduced lifespan. This is largely related to the exceptional wear and tear on the system over the years. Furnace installation work can be expensive, and you understandably want to get the most life out of the system that is currently in your home. You may be able to delay a new installation project by simply scheduling annual service on a regular basis.


Air Vents


4. Healthier Indoor Air Quality
When your furnace is dirty, it may blow more dust and other debris through your vents and into your home. In addition, there is also a concern that a damaged system will circulate unhealthy or even toxic gases into your home. This is a serious health concern that could be prevented with regular maintenance. In addition to servicing your system regularly, you may also invest in a carbon monoxide detector for the safety of your home’s occupants.

Ideally, furnace maintenance service will be scheduled at the beginning of the cold weather season. However, there is no wrong time to schedule annual maintenance. If your system has not been serviced recently, now is a great time call your heating company, such as Climate Experts and to make arrangements for this important service.


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