4 Tips to Optimize Professional Moving Services


Making a personal or business-related move can be tiring and costly. Most people do not look forward to relocation. However, when professional movers are involved, the task can be accomplished more efficiently than when people try to do it themselves. The following four tips explain how to get the best results when using a moving company’s services.

1. Prepare paperwork in advance.

In addition to signing a typical moving company contract, ask about waivers, insurance, and other documents that may need to be processed ahead of time. Having everything ready before moving day will facilitate the process. Consider preparing a checklist of paperwork to be completed ahead of time to ensure everything is taken care of. This is especially important if you are working with long distance movers who may deal with interstate transport laws or who have limited knowledge of and familiarity with the relocation area.

2. Organize and label everything.

After packing the furniture and belongings, unless the moving crew are doing it, arrange the cartons and crates in general groupings for convenient loading onto the truck and subsequent setup at the new location. Moving supply companies offer labels and markers to facilitate the identification of all packed items. You may want to color-code cartons that go in the same area of the new location. Write legibly in the same are of the box or container if possible so movers know where to look. Use abbreviations that you will remember later or that can be decoded by the moving crew.

3. Provide written instructions.

If you cannot be there when furnishings are loaded or unloaded, or if you feel it is important to remind the movers of specific instructions with valuable items, create a written record. This can take the form of a printed list, a detailed email, or even a text message as long as the crew knows what form the instructions will take and readily access them. For unloading and setup, it may be helpful to post large-print instructions on the door or wall of each room where furnishings will be placed. Most moving crews will agree that it is better to have extra reminders than to take the chance of misplacing or breaking something due to insufficient information.

4. Request tips for moving personal items.

For special or personal items you plan to move yourself, ask the moving company for recommended tips. They often know of equipment or containers that are designed for the kind of items you want to transport yourself. They may also offer packing tips to reduce the risk of damage to delicate items.

Make the most of your moving adventure by getting organized and utilizing the moving company’s experience and expertise. There are plenty of resources available at the Premiere Van Lines website for more information.


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