4 Landscaping Trends that Bring Life To Your Garden/Yard


Each new year presents an opportunity to change your landscaping design. Major additions like a gazebo, patio, or decks make a bold statement and extend your outdoor living space. But, if adding a major structure to your backyard is out of the question this season, there are several landscaping trends you can use to beautify and add definition to your yard.

1. Line Walkways and Trellis

Part of good landscaping is calling attention to those features you love most. An easy way to do that is to surround your focal point with a single type of plant. Lavender with it wispy limbs and fragrant scent planted all along a walkway creates a durable addition. It comes in several hues, smells heavenly, and is deer resistant.

Along the same lines, are different varieties of climbing vines. They can be used to accentuate a trellis, archway, or even a garage. Star jasmine, for example, climbs willingly over gates and arbors. Its signature white flowers carry an aroma that would be welcome in any garden. Climbing moonflower, a night-blooming variety of morning glory, has broad leaves and white flowers that bloom from dusk until sunset.

2. Unique Pots

It’s not just the plants that make a difference in landscape design. How those plants are displayed can change the whole look of your yard. Pots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can create different levels and add to the overall feel of your outdoor space. Whether you use reclaimed wood or modern steel for your pots and planters, you’ll be able to make a bold statement when they all work together. The Royal Decks website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

3. Simple Seating

A comfortable seating area is essential to enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. While there are elaborate outdoor sets available, they certainly aren’t necessary for a welcoming retreat. A table and café chairs set in the shade of your favorite tree or next to a greenhouse can be comfortable and relaxing in their simplicity. The only requirements for a good seating area are good location and ability to withstand the weather. Old, rusty chairs that would be out of place in a manicured garden may be the perfect fit to a country cottage.

4. Stone Walkway

Nothing is easier than using the natural materials that surround your home to create an oasis. Natural stone found either around your home or in nearby quarries is a simple way to add a walkway with impact. It fits with the natural vegetation and withstands all kinds of weather. Use your flowering plants to even out the rough edges of the stone for a balanced.

Adding new life your landscaping doesn’t have to be elaborate to be fun and relaxing. Thinking of simple ways to make a big impact will allow you to make changes each year so your yard will always be your sanctuary.


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